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Fruit Festival announcement

Regular – September 4 to 8, 2024

XXL – September 2 to 8, 2024

Come with us to the Austrian mountains and experience in your own body, what an upgrade a healthy lifestyle with low fat raw vegan food according to 80/10/10 (Dr. Douglas Graham) can be to your life.

Even after just 4 days, you will observe the first positive results and at the same time, you will get many answers to your questions from raw vegan pioneers.

You‘ll make new friends too, who can help you train healthier habits – even after the Festival.

About Raphael

Fruit Festival Organiser

Raphael grew up eating vegan after his parents joined the Seventh Day Adventist movement and embraced the vegan lifestyle in the early 1980’s. Since then, his father, previously a chef of conventional Austrian cuisine, and his Mother have been promoting holistic health and vegan cuisine as a desirable way of life rather than just an uncomfortable, temporary form of health cure.

As a follower of Dr. Douglas Graham’s 80/10/10 diet since Februay 2018, and certified 80/10/10 coach since October 2023, Raphael together with his team is now organizing fresh fruit festivals for the health conscious community in Austria since 2019 where people can experience, learn and taste just how desirable a life can be, when it follows the simple laws of the creator.

Housekeeper, DVG-Health-Trainer, 80/10/10 Coach in Training, Speaker in Wholistic Health in Theory and Practice over 40 years

About Gabriella

Housekeeper, DVG-Health-Trainer, 80/10/10 Coach in Training, Speaker in Wholistic Health in Theory and Practice over 40 years

Grown up in the beautiful Salzburgerland, she married the chef Erasmus Resch after her A-Levels in an school of higher education in household management. With their five children they lived in different european countries because of his job. They held cooking classes and health lectures from their rich experiences in natural lifestyle and different diets. They grew up with Austrian delicacies, in 1980 have first changed to ovo-lacto-vegetarian and from 1987 to whole plant food, made of fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts.

Since 8 years Gabriella lives on fruitbased raw food and experiences, how species-appropriate food vitalizes, refreshes and cleans out little ailments, but also eliminates with time even bigger problems – especially in the digestive tract. Skin, hair and nails become more beautiful, yes even younger and the powers of the spirit grow. She recognizes on herself: we are wonderfully made!

Gabriella is known as a person, who does, what she says. She lives, what she found to be true and necessary. With her empiric experiences can she help other people, who also want to direct their diet as well as their life towards more healthy, natural principles.

Everyday life

Raphael is an automotive engineer by profession and works full time for a major German car manufacturer.

In his free time, he likes to be a creative and find new 80/10/10 raw vegan recipes.

His passion is to experience the new found health and healing of people courageous enough to give 80/10/10 a proper try.

Raw Vegan

Raphael likes to share discoveries. It was only natural that he was invited by Let’s Cook Raw, a « community of perfect-health-minded people dedicated to the lowfat, plant based lifestyle ».

Discover their mission and be inspired by their creativity and outstanding culinary skills.


Finding local fruit is not too difficult, seaking the freshest ones is another matter… but obtaining fresh exotic fruits, now that is no small deal!

To achieve this, Raphael works together with Jurassic Fruit. And this fruitful collaboration can also benefit you. Don’t hesitate to contact him for attractive discounts.

The Festival Blog

Discover all archived healthy breaking news for the coming Festival

Join the Festival & Enjoy!

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The Venue

MONDI Bellevue Alm Gastein
Bad Gastein — Austria